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US-6224516-B1: Office and work furniture patent, US-6433597-B2: Delay locked loop with reduced noise response patent, US-6456038-B1: Electrical storage cell batteries patent, US-6485870-B1: Charged-particle-beam microlithography masks and methods for manufacturing same patent, US-6771423-B2: Head-mounted virtual display apparatus with a near-eye light deflecting element in the peripheral field of view patent, US-6786212-B1: Method for preventing a reverse rotation of an engine patent, US-6829321-B1: High speed and compact overflow detection for shifters patent, US-3873423-A: Method for culturing cells patent, US-3876565-A: Ion exchanger - polyolefin membranes patent, US-3877318-A: Remote control for automobile accelerator and brake pedals patent, US-3925997-A: Breakwater device for offshore submerged foundation structures patent, US-3932916-A: Captive element release mechanism patent, US-3934217-A: Thermostat control device patent, US-3947760-A: Integrating component measuring device patent, US-3953232-A: Sealed lithium-reducible metal salt cell patent, US-3971460-A: Apparatus for electrically connecting two conductors between two rotatable elements patent, US-3987808-A: Metering system patent, US-4031612-A: Method and a device for the interconnection of electronic components patent, US-4062120-A: Digital electronic micrometer patent, US-4075360-A: Preparation of imitation mozzarella cheese patent, US-4092802-A: Sprouter for home use with automatic irrigator patent, US-4138777-A: Single nozzle free-vortex aerodynamic window patent, US-4143042-A: 1-azaxanthone-3-carboxylic acids patent, US-4159904-A: Process for extracting bismuth from a bismuth-bearing material patent, US-4219480-A: Process for the production of 2-aryl-2H-benzotriazoles patent, US-4221167-A: Delay burster for a projectile patent, US-4231654-A: Controller for photographic enlarger or the like patent, US-4250708-A: Exhaust double pipe of an internal combustion engine patent, US-4262201-A: Apparatus for determining the specific weight of selected regions of microscopic small plane parallel samples patent, US-4272777-A: Service switch apparatus patent, US-4275147-A: Antistatic photographic element patent, US-4276549-A: FM-CW Radar distance measuring apparatus patent, US-4303590-A: Method for the preparation of a lower alkyl ester of fatty acids patent, US-4387825-A: Contractable closure member patent, US-4388073-A: Device for pivoting the knife in its longitudinal axis and for adjusting the knife depth on knife folding machines patent, US-4389111-A: Camera patent, US-4391567-A: Corrosion preventing device for a marine propeller patent, US-4394771-A: Apparatus for moving film cassettes patent, US-4408036-A: Preparation of polytetramethylene adipamide patent, US-4416019-A: Device for producing images of a layer of an object from multiple shadow images with varying degrees of overlap patent, US-4493522-A: Sealed cable connector patent, US-4510755-A: Demineralization of feed water in a steam system patent, US-4556230-A: Bicycle kickstand patent, US-4567913-A: Switching mechanisms for preparing control signals patent, US-4613604-A: Hydroxymethyl derivatives of 5-benzylacyclouridine and 5-benzoyloxybenzylacyclouridine and their use as potentiators for 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine patent, US-4634958-A: Transformer utilizing selectively loaded reactance to control power transfer patent, US-4645694-A: Process of galvanizing for consecutively producing two different coatings on a metal band patent, US-4843117-A: Dimethyl sulfone as a solid solvent for vinylidene chloride containing polymers patent, US-4856194-A: Cutting attachment for trimmers patent, US-4879526-A: Integrated audio amplifier electronically commutable from a single ended or stereo configuration to a balanced or bridge configuration and viceversa patent, US-4905975-A: Clamping device with mechanical servo mechanism patent, US-4912842-A: Method and device to shape a braided sheath in a cable consisting of an outer covering, a braided sheath and conductors patent, US-4918872-A: Surface grinding apparatus patent, US-4923995-A: Pyridylsulfonamides patent, US-4944327-A: Riser check valve patent, US-4954558-A: Resin-fortified emulsion polymers and methods of preparing the same patent, US-4972566-A: Method of repairing a glass container inspecting machine patent, US-4976592-A: Variable capacity vane compressor patent, US-5005965-A: Spectacle frames patent, US-5022320-A: Adjustable parallel motion linkage system for screen printer patent, US-5218600-A: Process for networking computers and/or computer networks and networking systems patent, US-5242633-A: Method for producing organic fibers patent, US-5251869-A: Rotary blowout preventer patent, US-5304655-A: N'-substituted N-amino-3,4,5,6-tetrafluorophthalimides, and processes for their preparation patent, US-5321568-A: Head suspension assembly with improved pitch and roll characteristics patent, US-5322112-A: Casting-thickness variable mold for continuous casting patent, US-5323745-A: Plastic rocker cover patent, US-5357420-A: Integrated control system patent, US-5387151-A: Top sealing chimney cap patent, US-5448645-A: Active fan blade noise cancellation system patent, US-5450118-A: Image forming apparatus patent, US-5493126-A: LWIR-transmitting windows patent, US-5498217-A: Control method of vehicle engine arranged in association with fluid coupling having clutch patent, US-5607109-A: Fuel injection nozzle and method of making patent, US-5627931-A: Optoelectronic transducer patent, US-5657212-A: Capacitor coupled converter patent, US-5737604-A: Method and apparatus for independently resetting processors and cache controllers in multiple processor systems patent, US-5739780-A: Digital to analog converter and dynamic current mirror structure to simplify on-chip wave shaping patent, US-5741039-A: Cargo box extending tailgate utilizing a two panel/intermeshing design patent, US-5769729-A: Pool table patent, US-5781494-A: Voltage pumping circuit for semiconductor memory device patent, US-5799125-A: Rare earth doped optical fiber patent, US-5855482-A: Graphic visualization of consumer desirability hierarchy patent, US-5883936-A: Rotating x-ray tube patent, US-5974439-A: Resource sharing between real-time and general purpose programs patent, US-6016222-A: Color image reading apparatus patent, US-6076823-A: Tapered-edge separator web for recording feeding patent, US-6085034-A: Constructor based object initialization with overrides patent, US-6087993-A: Plasma antenna with electro-optical modulator patent, US-6122229-A: Magneto-optically recorded data readout system patent, US-6172789-B1: Light scanning device and confocal optical device using the same patent, US-6195300-B1: CBR refresh control for the redundancy array patent, US-6263719-B1: Container and method of manufacture patent, US-6352821-B1: Method for forming color image using silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material patent, US-6377390-B1: Optical gain equalizer, and optical amplifier and wavelength-division multiplex transmitter both comprising the optical gain equalizer patent, US-6401569-B2: Corkscrew patent, US-6408648-B1: Method for production of metal oxide glass microspherules at low temperatures patent, US-6432848-B2: Process for formation of cap layer for semiconductor patent, US-6453485-B2: Protective device for a bathtub patent, US-6481422-B2: Device for injecting a fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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